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My primary goal is building my business on "life events". This is real  photography of weddings and engagements; capturing endearing moments from everyday lives. But I also love to shoot the fashion and model side where I can give my imagination flight and come up with my own shoots of fancy.

I love people. I love working with people. If I had to pick the favourite part of this job, it would be when I hear the reactions from my clients  as they look at the shots for the first time.

I think like an artist - I see like an artist. While most people see life as a series of straight lines, I use my imagination to find shapes and colours others do not see. "Do you see what I see?" I ask friends and clients. A few might, most don't but I pique their imaginations in the process. I approach a creative task with as much imagination as organization and a willingness to bend the rules to get that everlasting shot.

I invite you to look through the different aspects of what I shoot and view all the galleries. I hope what you see peaks your imagination and you give me a call or drop me an email to set up a shoot just for you.




let my imagination tell your story.

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